Getting started

What is the GitHub integration?

Our GitHub integration is the easiest way to build and edit beautiful, visual docs that live in your repo.

Use cases

  • Add beautiful diagrams and visualizations to your README files.
  • Use Eraser to collaboratively write RFCs, PRDs, and READMEs and save to GitHub.
  • Use Eraser as a web-based markdown editor for all of your .md files in your repo.
  • Provide a web interface for non-technical users to access engineering docs saved on GitHub.


  • Pull all .md files from a GitHub repository into Eraser
  • Embed diagrams drawn on Eraser as images into .md files
  • Push changes made to .md files on Eraser to your GitHub repository
  • Specify a specific branch (e.g. main, dev, feature) to commit and push to

Quick start

  1. Select "GitHub Settings" under the team switcher dropdown on the Dashboard.
  1. Select "Connect New GitHub Org"
  1. Login to your GitHub account and select which repositories to grant access to Eraser. Click "Install & Authorize".
  1. Your GitHub Settings in Eraser will now show all repositories that you've authorized in the previous step.

  1. Select the repos that you would like to add to Eraser and select "Save Changes". All the .md files in the repo will be pulled to Eraser.

  1. On the Dashboard, you will now notice that the repository has been added to the sidebar (shin-eraser/rec-engine in the below example). Clicking on the repo, you'll see all the .md files have been pulled. .md files are pulled from the main (default) branch. This can take a few minutes depending on the number of files.
  1. Open one of the files and make some changes.
  1. Select "Push" in order to push your changes to GitHub.
  1. Select a branch to push to, or create a new branch. Change commit message as necessary and select "Commit & Push".
  1. Once pushing is complete, select "Open in GitHub" to confirm that your commit was pushed to GitHub.
  1. By default, you will land on the main (or your default branch). Make sure to switch to the branch that you committed to to confirm that your changes have been reflected.