Getting started

What is the GitHub integration?

Our GitHub integration is the easiest way to build and edit beautiful, visual docs that live in your repo.

Use cases

  • Add beautiful diagrams and visualizations to your README files. (See our Architecture, Schema, and Sequence diagram-as-code pages to learn more about easily adding diagrams!)
  • Use Eraser to collaboratively write RFCs, PRDs, and READMEs and save to GitHub
  • Provide a web-friendly interface to engineering docs saved on GitHub for non-technical users


  • Pull from and push to any MD file on a GitHub repository
  • Specify a specific branch (e.g. dev, main, feature) to sync with
  • Embed diagrams drawn on Eraser as images into MD files

Quick start

  1. Select "GitHub Sync" under the 3-dot menu in the navigation bar
  1. Authorize Eraser to access your GitHub repository by clicking "Login to GitHub" then "Authorize eraserlabs"
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  1. Paste a URL of the GitHub repository that you want to track and click "Connect"
  1. (Optional) Select a branch
  1. (Optional) Select a file by clicking "Integration settings" then choosing a file from the dropdown
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  1. Pull from a markdown file on GitHub by clicking "Pull"
  1. After making changes (e.g. add a diagram), push to GitHub by clicking "Push"