Using the Notion integration

What does the Notion integration do?

  • It allows Eraser users to embed live updating Eraser figures and files into a Notion page.
  • Anyone with access to the Notion page will be able to see the embedded Eraser figure or file.

Installing the integration

Option A. Installing from account settings

  1. In Notion, open Settings & members > My connections (or click this link)
  2. Click on See all under Discover new connections
  3. Search for Eraser and click "Connect"

Option B. Installing by pasting in an Eraser link

  1. Copy an Eraser file link
    1. It will look something like
  2. Paste link into any Notion page
  3. Click on "Connect to Eraser to update"

Embedding Eraser previews

Embedding a figure

  1. In an Eraser file, select a figure (here's more on figures)
  2. Click on "Copy link" in the bottom formatting menu
  3. Paste link into a Notion page
  4. Select "Paste as preview"

Embedding a file

  1. In an Eraser file, click on the "Copy link" button on the top right
  2. Paste link into a Notion page
  3. Select "Paste as preview"

Managing and removing the integration

You can manage and remove the integration in Notion from "Settings & members" > "My connections".

Access permissions

  • The Notion integration can create live previews of Eraser files that the preview creator has access to, including:
    • Team files (regardless of link sharing settings)
    • Private files
  • The embed preview will load for anyone who has access to the Notion page
  • The integration is installed on a per user basis. Any Notion teammate that wants to newly embed Eraser figure or files will also need to install the Eraser integration in Notion.