Private files

What is a private file?

Private files are not visible to other team members. They are useful for any files that contain sensitive information or not ready to be shared broadly yet.

Here are a few things to know:

  • Private files are not visible to team members
  • You can invite specific collaborators to private files
  • Private files cannot be added to folders
  • Only the creator of the file can set / un-set a file as private

Creating a private file

To create a private file, go to Private Files (P) on the dashboard, then click on "New File".

Changing an existing file to a private file

After opening a file, click on Share". Open the "File Visibility" dropdown and select "Private (Just Me)". Note that only the file creator can change file visibility.

Sharing a private file

There are two ways to share a private file to other users. From the "Share" modal, you can:

  • Add a Collaborator by sending an invite email.
  • Toggle on Share to Web on and share the link to other users. Note that private files can still be shared to the web via a public link. They will just not be visible from other team members' dashboards.