What is Eraser?

Eraser is a docs and diagrams platform for engineering teams.

Eraser enables developers to create docs and diagrams at the speed of thought via a minimal UI, keyboard-driven flows, markdown, and diagram-as-code.

Docs and diagrams can be saved on the Eraser web app as well as in your GitHub repository.

Eraser has 3 major elements:


The canvas is where you can express your visual ideas.

  • Organize your canvas using figures
  • Use diagram-as-code to draw beautiful technical diagrams
  • Use insert menu (/) to find any shape, icon, or element
  • 1000+ tech logos and cloud icons included

Note editor

The note editor is where you can create a visual document.

  • Insert live diagrams created from the canvas
  • Use markdown for formatting
  • Save as .MD file to GitHub


The dashboard is for organizing Eraser files created by you and your teammates.

  • Create folders and private files
  • Search across text on canvas and notes