Frequently asked questions

What is the GitHub sync for?

GitHub sync is perfect if you'd like to create, edit, and manage your markdown docs stored in GitHub using Eraser. Here are reasons why you may want to do this:

  • Add beautiful Eraser diagrams to your docs
  • Access and edit markdown files using a web-based WYSIWYG editor
  • Use Eraser's real-time collaboration and commenting features
  • Offer non-technical users a friendly web interface to interact with technical docs

Start with Getting Started if you are new to Eraser.

Can I specify a branch to push to?

Yes, you can specify any specific branch to push to, including the main (default) branch if branch protection is not turned on. Learn more about Pushing to GitHub.

Can I specify a branch to pull from?

No. Currently you can only pull from the main branch. Learn more about Pulling from GitHub.

How are diagrams represented in the markdown file? Where are they stored?

When markdown files are saved to GitHub, diagrams drawn in Eraser will be embedded as PNG images. The images are stored on your GitHub repo, under a root-level folder called /.eraser.

If you use diagram-as-code to create a diagram and embed it into the notes, the DSL syntax will not be saved to GitHub since the diagram is simply uploaded as an PNG file.

Can I create a PR from Eraser?

Yes. When you push to a branch, you can optionally also create a PR. Learn more about Pushing to GitHub.

Can I create a new file in GitHub from Eraser?

Yes. When you create a file from inside a GitHub repo folder, you will be asked to specify a file name and file path. Once that file is committed and pushed either via single file push or batch push, the new file will also exist on GitHub. Learn more about Creating a new file.

Can I resolve merge conflicts?

No, there is currently no way to resolve merge conflicts in Eraser. Pulling will simply overwrite your content in the note editor with what is on the main branch.