Frequently asked questions

Can I specify a branch to sync with?

Yes, you can specify a specific branch to sync with as long it exists in the remote repo on GitHub. You can switch across branches using the branch selection dropdown menu.

How are diagrams represented in the markdown file? Where are they stored?

When markdown files are saved to GitHub, diagrams drawn in Eraser will be embedded as SVG images.

They can be stored either in your GitHub repository or Eraser's servers. This can specified by opening "Integration settings" and checking or unchecking "Save embedded images on your GitHub repo".

If you choose to save embedded images on your GitHub repo, Eraser will create a root-level folder called /.eraser where the SVG images will be saved.

Can I create a PR from Eraser?

No, you can only push to a branch. A PR must be created outside of Eraser (e.g. in GitHub) to merge the branch in.

Can I create a new file in GitHub from Eraser?

No, you can only sync with files that already exist in GitHub. Any markdown file that you want synced with an Eraser file must first be created in GitHub.