Frequently asked questions

What is Eraser?

Eraser is a whiteboard for remote teams.

Should I create an Eraser account?

You should create an Eraser account if you want to:

  • Display your own name on your collaborator cursor
  • Create a team on Eraser and invite others
  • Organize Eraser files using folders
  • Adjust access settings of a file (e.g. invite by email, read-only)
  • Leave comments

You can sign up by clicking on "Save to Eraser" inside an Eraser file:


I can't find the whiteboard that I previously accessed in a virtual office

If you have been signed into your Eraser account, you can browse your "Viewing History":

  1. Go to the Dashboard page
  2. Click on "Viewing History"

Can I bring an existing Eraser file into virtual office?

Yes, depending on your virtual office. Some virtual offices (like Gather) will allow you to change the URL of the whiteboard. If that is the case, simply paste the URL of the Eraser file that you would like to show into the whiteboard URL field.

Refer to your virtual office's documentation for more information.